Grand Old Diva (for Ruth Weiss)

Ruth Weiss 2011
grand old diva
      (for Ruth Weiss)

she grooves with time
day time, night time
be bop jazz time
dances with timeless time
all rhythm no rhyme
birds in flight flap their wings
copulate with the wind

a magician's illusion where
time and words move from celibate
to shameless orgy
feed off the flesh of the other
pause in rollercoaster freeze
stop motion

The Grand Old Diva, Ruth Weiss
she sings her song                                        
another night
another day
bitch slaps father time
kaufman, son of jazz
in her heart
micheline in her blood
jazz in the Fillmore|
jazz on the Harlem roof-tops
full moon rising
with poems that dig into my bones
lubricates the gears of my mind
lost in a haze of motionless motion
     a.d. winans.  11-21-12


  1. Kate Robinson23 November, 2012

    Spot on! What a spectacular woman captured perfectly here in your words.

  2. thanks, Kate. She doesn't have email, so I'll need to print out and mail her a copy. Have known her since the sixties.

  3. Dear Sir: I applaud your rhythm and I like your mind. You have written a piece here that would be great as a song or mixed into a tune. What a woman!! I like this very much. The flow, the words, it wears well on my mind. My first time on your site; I have enjoyed snooping around and have found in you an author of words I can't believe I never knew. From Bebop to Hip hop our worlds collide.

  4. thanks, all. I read it at her last birthday and she loved it. we go back a long way. Trish ...wish there was someone to set it to a song. I did have a song poem performed at Alice Tully Hall, NYC, opera no less. I hadn;t written it with opera in mind. A.D.Winans

    1. I did not realize or I should say I did not know or was not aware that one of your poems was sung by the New York City Opera please tell me more. I love the song that is on your fansite and I might add that my mother (who rarely has something positive to say about music that is joined in harmony with words) (Moms normally listens to music only.... without lyrics) yet she raved about how wonderful your song was . the one on your fansite in fact mom said it was outstanding and perfect in every way.