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Carmel Clowns
Crazy John Poems 
Straws Of Sanity
Tales of Crazy John
North Beach Poems
All the Graffiti On All The Bathroom Walls Can't Hide These Scars Of Mine
The Further Adventures of Crazy John
The Reagan Psalms
In Memoriam
A Knife In the Heart And Jazz In My Soul
The Land Is Not My Land
The Charles Bukowski Second Coming Years
Love Comes In Many Different Flavors
It Serves You Right To Suffer
A Call To Poets
San Francisco Streets
Venus In Pisces
Remembering Jack Micheline
Looking For An Answer
From Pussy To Politics
Scar Tissue
Remembering Bukowski
People You think You know
North Beach Revisited
13 Jazz Poems
City Blues
I Kiss The Feet Of Angels
The Holy Grail: Charles Bukowski And The Second Coming Revolution.
Whispers From Hell
Will the Real Lawrence Ferlinghetti Please Stand Up
Trying To Find A Common Bond
A Bastard Child With No Place To Go
The System
A.D. Winans' Greatest Hits: 1995-2003
Whitman's Lost Children
The Wrong Side Of Town (bilingual. English/Russian)Dreams That Won't Leave Me Alone
In Memoriam: New and Selected Poems
The Other Side Of Broadway: Selected Poems: 1965-1995
The World's Last Rodeo
South of Market Street
Marking Time
Days In Heaven Nights In Hell
Billie Holiday Me And The Blues
Dancing With Words
No Room For Buddha
Pigeon Feathers
Black Lily
Drowning Like Li Po in a River of Red Wine
The Show Must Go On
San Fransisco Poems